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Lazer Frenzy!

Get into the action with Lazer Frenzy!  Select your mission, and prepare to work your way through a maze of lazer beams, collecting points as you reach your objectives! Use your game card to access the fun.

The Power Play Arcade at Palace Pointe in Roxboro, NC features over 30 games of fun and excitement, with a generous selection of redemption games and hundreds of great redemption prizes–including a large array of items for adults as well as kids!

Game prices vary, but for the very BEST VALUE choose one of our game card bundles:

  • $10 FREE Play when you purchase a $30 game card
  • $20 FREE Play when you purchase a $50 game card

Experience 6 different exciting 3D “rides” on Typhoon — which according to one young fan is “…more like a ride, than just a regular arcade game!”… play games of skill like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution… and stock your card with redemption points like Tower of Tickets, and so many more favorites. Plus find an exciting assortment of redemption prizes at all prize levels, for both younger and “older” players — below is a sneak peek at just some of our shelves.

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Power Play Arcade Games

Arcade shooting game

Doc’s Interactive Shootout

Jurassic Park

Hold on to your safari hats! This light-gun arcade video-style game, based on the first of the Jurassic Park movies, is set on Isla Nublar — and its your job to retrieve one dinosaur from each species on the island before the volcano blows or the boss enemy gets you!


Typhoon is an exciting roller-coaster-motion simulator that delivers all the bumps, drops and even the breeze from an outdoor ride, without ever leaving the ground!  Ours has 6 different video experiences from speeding through caves to downhill racing that will give you thrills and chills.

Mini Dunx - Arcade - Palace Pointe - Roxboro, NC

Mini Dunxx

Don’t take your eye off the basket–that’s a key to high scoring in this fast-moving mini basketball game.

Ice Ball - Arcade - Palace Pointe - Roxboro, NC

Ice Ball

Roll the balls up the alley to pop them into targeted drop zones (similar to skee ball)

Plus more favorite arcade games like:

Big Buck
Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova
Dizzy Chicken
Dog Pounder
Down the Clown
Ducky Splash
Ghost Squad
Guitar Hero
Ice Age Ice breaker
Jumpin’ Jack Pot
Milk Jug Toss
Sink It
Time Crisis 3
Treasure Chest
Wheel of Fortune

Power Play Arcade Hours

Redemption Games

Big Bass Wheel
Fish Bowl Frenzy
Key Master
Monster Drop
Tower of Tickets
Treasure Quest
X Prize

Power Play Arcade Redemption Counter

Check out all of the latest prizes that we have to offer in the Power Play Arcade Redemption Counter! Here are just a few of our ever-changing prizes!

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Inflatable Animals
  • Skate Boards
  • Neon Clocks
  • Dart Boards
  • Plasma Ball
  • Tons of Candy
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Flashing Mouth Pieces
  • Flashing Bracelets
  • Slinky
Redemption Prizes - Arcade - Palace Pointe - Roxboro, NC
Redemption Prizes - Arcade - Palace Pointe - Roxboro, NC