Bumper Cars

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Spin Zone Bumper Cars are gonna make your head spin!

The newest attraction delivering fun and excitement at Palace Pointe is Spin Zone Bumper Cars. Located within the Arcade, these one-person bumper cars deliver plenty of laughs in a small space thanks to the unique SPIN feature. Riders can control their forward and back driving, just like with traditional bumper cars, but they can also spin right or left as much as they want. PLUS, each car also has a SPIN ZONE on either side — and when someone bumps you in this area, get ready to spin! Lighting effects and music help create a memorable experience. Each Bumper Car ride lasts about 5 minutes.

Bumper Car Hours

Bumper Car Prices

1 ride — $6

2 rides for the same person — $10

Add to a birthday party — $3 per guest

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You must be 48″ tall and 7 years old to drive a bumper car, and just 3 years old to ride as a passenger (sorry… if you’re tall enough to drive one, you can no longer be a passenger).
No problem!  Come on in — we’ll ride with you.
Purchase your ticket at the arcade redemption counter. If you have an arcade card or multi-attraction pass, you’ll still need to go to the arcade counter so we can process this ticket.
Speak with the Spin Zone attendant — we can turn off the spin function if necessary.
The ride comes complete with seat belts and a comfortable seat, but because there are jarring motions involved, riders of all ages should use good judgment, much like you would for an amusement park ride–you might not want to ride on a full stomach!  You’ll also want to be in good health (e.g., no history of back or neck injuries, no heart trouble), and use caution if you’re pregnant. (Please refer to on-location signage, too.)