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Fundraising made simple – and FUN

We know fundraising is important work—and that it can be tough, too. We’re here to make your job easy AND profitable!

Choose from 4+ different ways you can raise money for your organization and/or cause through FUN: Bowling, skating, movies and Palace Passes (giving access to ALL that Palace Pointe has to offer).

5 fantastic reasons to partner with Palace Pointe for your next fundraiser:

  1. NO door-to-door sales or inventory.
  2. NO pre-purchasing required.
  3. Fun activities all ages will enjoy.
  4. EASY and FREE start up!
  5. PLUS, get a FREE fundraising packet, with flyer design and web graphics to help market your event.
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Skating Fundraisers

How Roller Skating Fundraisers work:

Your group gets a portion of each admission w/skate rental—and you choose what guests will pay.

For example, if you have 1 or 2 events booked and set a price of $9pp to attend your skating night (that’s a good deal: it’s 75¢ less than the usual walk-in price), your group will raise $5pp. Lower your guests’ cost to just $8pp to save them even more, and you’ll still keep $4pp for your organization.

Book 3+ dates and your group will get even more fundraising power for EVERY admission! Here is what we keep from each admission/skate rental ticket sold, depending on how many dates you reserve:

  • 1 or 2 event dates: $4 pp
  • 3-5 dates: $3.50 pp
  • Book 6+ events: only $3 pp!

Many groups set a monthly date, increasing their fundraising potential, bringing group members together for fun and friendship, and encouraging a healthy and positive routine!

Skating fundraisers can be booked on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Don’t wait: book your skate night today! Call 336-598-5050 x114.

Bowling, Movie Pass and Palace Pass fundraising options also available!

View Fundraising Brochure

Fundraisers at Palace Pointe entertainment center allow members and friends to raise money by having all-out fun—and leaving them with great memories of YOUR group.  Find out more details: click to download our Fundraiser Brochure, or contact us today at (336) 598-5050 x 114 to plan yours next fundraiser!