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Bring your kids together: hold a lock-in

There’s no doubt about it: kids love sleepovers! And lock-ins at Palace Pointe are among their favorite sleepovers of all.

  • 10pm-6 or 7am is just $25 per person
  • 100 person minimum

We do all we can to ensure a lock-in is as easy to plan and smooth to operate as possible — and with all the kid-friendly activities we offer, keeping your group happily occupied is much easier than in many lock-in settings.

Here are the key points to know:

  • Typically a midnight movie is included (2 are permitted if there’s enough demand). To help ensure everyone’s safety, the lock-in movie(s) begin AFTER the facility is closed to the public.
  • Kids enjoy unlimited skating and bowling after the movie til 6am
  • 1 slice of pizza, 1 medium drink is served after the movie.
  • A light continental breakfast is included in pricing near pick-up time; additional food may be made available and/or arranged in advance. The Diner is not open all night, so planning ahead for food is important.
  • Pricing includes building security, but not chaperones (except in the event of a lock-in that is being hosted BY Palace Pointe). A good rule of thumb is one adult for every 10-12 kids. A $500 deposit is required.

Bring your students or youth group together for a memorable night of fun and fellowship! To find out more about these field trips, or to customize an outing to meet your needs, as well for a custom quote, please contact us at dk@palacepointe.com or call (336) 598-5050 x 114.