School Programs

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School Programs focus on helping teachers… and students!

Teachers: look here for school programs designed to help you combat lean budgets, tight schedules and full classrooms!

We’re proud to be a popular destination for bowling and skating field trips, movie outings, and group play that incorporates fun and fitness. And now, schools, teachers and PTSA members can rely on Palace Pointe for even more!

NOTE: If you’re interested in school bowling, skating, arcade and/or movie outings, visit our Groups or Youth Outings pages.

Expand skills with turnkey educational field trips

Bowling - Palace Pointe - Roxboro, NCMake real-world connections that link the S.T.E.M. and language arts lessons you’re teaching in the classroom to fun favorite activities students experience in daily life. We’ve partnered with educators to develop turnkey educational field trips — complete with lesson plans, worksheets, assessments and more.

  • Lessons are available for bowling and movie activities for grades K-5 in math, science — and, NEW, language arts (planned for 2017/18 school year).
  • Field trips are usually 2-3 hours, ranging in cost from $7.50 to $12 per child.
  • Events can be scheduled starting as early as 8am.

Please call Donna Kay Huff-Albright at 336-598-5050 x114, or fill out our contact form for more details.  (If you submit via form, please let us know what grade(s) and/or subject area you are interested in, so we can send you sample materials for review.)

Reading Rewards

kids readingIf you set reading goals for your students, take advantage of the free Reading Rewards program at Palace Pointe to add an exciting extra incentive.

  • Every 10 books, or every 5 hours (depending on what your students are tracking), Palace Pointe will give them 1 free bowling game or skate admission.
  • When they get to 50 books or 25 hours, we’ll give them 1 free movie ticket!

It’s an easy way to help further encourage and reward students for making reading a habit.

  • Students can use your existing tracker — or we can send you ours for free.
  • Students track their reading, and ask you to initial their milestones (every 10 books or 5 hours).
  • Students then bring their tracker to us to get their free tickets — OR if you want the tracker to stay in the classroom, we can send you certificates to give those who reach their milestones. We can also send you a poster to celebrate who has earned passes (and further motivate those still working towards their goals).
  • We also give students a certificate that gets posted on our “Winners Wall” in Palace Pointe.

If you would like to receive handouts for your classroom, or more details, just email us at

Complimentary space for after-school tutoring

If you are a teacher who tutors after school and would like a quiet place to meet your students, we offer our party rooms as a free resource. Just call/stop by and speak with our main operator or any manager if you’d like to arrange to have a space, and let us know the days you’re interested in meeting there. If the seats are available we’ll reserve space for you and your student(s).

Roller Skating Foundation Grant Program

Throughout the year, the Roller Skating Foundation raises money to help support educational programs at schools across the country, promote physical fitness, provide scholarships to deserving high school and undergraduate students, and promote the sport of roller skating.

The Roller Skating Foundation awards grants in Spring and Fall, ranging from $250 and up, to schools, educators and volunteers in conjunction with roller skating centers like Palace Pointe, to accomplish educational objectives and fitness-related goals.

As a member, we’re happy to help you apply! Just send an email to or call (336) 598-5050 x 114 and we’ll get you the details.

The following criteria will be used when determining grant recipients:

  • NEED
  • PRIORITY will be given to projects directed towards roller skating, including field trips to roller skating centers, as well as innovative projects designed to improve physical fitness or education.