Palace Pointe Rewards Program

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Get even more fun from your entertainment dollars! Join Palace Rewards!

  • EARN POINTS for just about all you do here: bowling, skating, movies, eating, even candy.
  • REDEEM POINTS for activities, food & fun at Palace Pointe. Check your point values at any register.

Click to read program details (in PDF form), or Sign up online now or at any register.

Get 100 BONUS points just for enrolling!

  • That’s right, you’ll get a 100-point sign-up gift…
  • and then, every day you make a purchase at Palace Pointe you’ll get a bonus of 10 points, as well as at least 1 point for every dollar you spend–and up to 5 points depending on whether you’re at the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels (see below for examples).
  • Every point is worth at least 1¢—and frequent guests earn up to 5¢ for every dollar spent! That adds up fast…
  • There’s no hurry to use your points —you have up to 3 years to redeem them!

Wondering about the fine print? Just a few…

  • All accounts are reset to Bronze Level every Dec. 31 at midnight, (your existing points stay valid for 3 years).
  • Due to NC state law, Palace Rewards Points may not be redeemed for alcoholic beverages.
  • The only activities you can’t use Rewards Points for are league bowling and billiards play.
  • Palace Pointe does reserve the right to change or stop the program at any time, and if you misuse the facilities (not that YOU would do this, of course), we can revoke the privileges of this card and suspend any values on your account.
  • The Rewards card provides a value to use for services or goods… you can’t get change, exchanges, or refunds with the card.
  • Please protect your Rewards card—it’s got value, but no photo—and we can not be responsible if you lose it, or if its stolen or damaged. You can’t transfer your points to someone else—and nope, you can’t redeem them for cash, either.

Questions? Just stop into Party Central or ask one of our managers; they’ll help you out!

Rewards Program Signup

  • OPTION 1: If you want to register you/your family for the Rewards program, choose Palace Pointe Rewards. OPTION 2: If you want to donate the points you earn during the 2017-18 school year to Southern Middle School Athletics, choose Panthers Portions.
  • We will only call you in the event that we need to confirm your contact information or have updates for your account and are unable to reach you by email.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.