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Arcade and Spin Zone 

Game On!

The Power Play Arcade at Palace Pointe in Roxboro, NC features over 30 games of fun and excitement, with a generous selection of redemption games and hundreds of great redemption prizes–including a large array of items for adults as well as kids!

Experience 6 different exciting 3D “rides” on Typhoon — which according to one young fan is “…more like a ride, than just a regular arcade game!”… play games of skill like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution… and stock your card with redemption points like Tower of Tickets, and so many more favorites. Plus find an exciting assortment of redemption prizes at all prize levels, for both younger and “older” players.

Spin Zone.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars are gonna make your head spin!Located within the Arcade, these one-person bumper cars deliver plenty of laughs in a small space thanks to the unique SPIN feature. Riders can control their forward and back driving, just like with traditional bumper cars, but they can also spin right or left as much as they want. PLUS, each car also has a SPIN ZONE on either side — and when someone bumps you in this area, get ready to spin! Lighting effects and music help create a memorable experience. Each $4 Bumper Car ride lasts about 4 minutes.