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Game On!

The Dragons Den Arcade at Palace Pointe in Roxboro, NC features over 30 games of fun and excitement, with a generous selection of redemption games and hundreds of great redemption prizes–including a large array of items for adults as well as kids!

Play games of skill like Guitar Hero, claw games, or cut the wire… and stock your card with redemption points like Tower of Tickets, and so many more favorites: new and old school games. Plus find an exciting assortment of redemption prizes at all prize levels, for both younger and older players.

Aracade game cards are required to play most of our games. These cards (of any denomination) can be purchased at the Welcome Center or the Theater. The arcade cards never expire, and you can continue to reload them, and they also make fabulous birthday and holiday gifts.


Winter Hours
Monday - Thursday 4:00-9:00pm
Friday 4:00pm-Midnight

Saturday Noon-Midnight

Sun Noon-10:00pm

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