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Rock Concert

2023 Summer Concert Series

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Palace Pointe Events presents the 2023 Summer Concert Series. All indoor concerts this year are Tribute Bands. These bands look like, sound like, and have a stage show just like the megastar bands, you just might think you're really watching the real thing! We are extremely excited about this years lineup, we've booked some of the best Tribute Bands on the East Coast.

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A TRIBUTE SHOW LIKE NO OTHER! Billy Thunder Mason with his new all-star band featuring Twin McGraw will take you back to that McGraw music from 1994-2011 The DanceHall Doctor years. This is the music that was made on stage by The Dancehall Doctors that made McGraw's sound, not only did they tour but also recorded. Yes, what you hear on the radio is Billy "THUNDER" Mason himself on the drums. Twin takes you "Back When", not only has Twin been on stage with McGraw, but Twin holds his own and delivers EVERY SHOW! If you love Tim McGraw's music, this is the tribute show you need to see!

Jeff has been entertaining professionally as Twin McGraw
a Tim McGraw Tribute Artist since 2006. Twin has entertained at venues all across the country and throughout the years has received multiple awards for his incredible tribute to Tim McGraw. Twin puts on a must-see show singing a variety of Tim's number one hits as well as many others. While watching a Twin McGraw performance or experiencing a meet and greet, you'll feel as if you've seen the real thing. Tim McGraw himself was even amazed at the resemblance when he met Twin backstage after a concert in Lake Tahoe, NV. Tim recently invited Twin to sing on stage with him during his concert in Tampa, FL. after noticing Twin in the crowd. From live concerts, private/ corporate events to meet & greets. Now sharing the stage with Billy THUNDER Mason, Twin understands THE ROAR OF THE THUNDER adding to the fun and exciting show. Twin will leave you wondering, is that TWIN OR IS THAT REALLY TIM? You will just have to see the show and judge for yourself!

Billy "THUNDER" Mason spent 18 years on the road with TIM MCGRAW and has played on over 25 million selling albums from The DANCEHALL DOCTOR album to EMOTIONAL TRAFFIC album which included over 10 number 1 singles including "LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING" which won 3 Grammy Awards. Billy has played all over the world including Rome with Tim and Faith for the LIVE 8 BENEFIT with over 300,000 people to the NASHVILLE RISING (Nashville Flood) that played for 17 difference artists including Tim, Toby Keith, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more. Together they helped raise over 10 million dollars for the flood victims of Nashville area in 2010. He has shared the stage with greats such as Kenny Rogers, Tony Bennett (Sold out show in Madison Square Garden), Elton John just to name a few. Not only was Billy with Tim from 1994-2011, but he is the only drummer of Tim's that will ever be A DANCEHALL DOCTOR.

Brandan has been playing drums since the age of 12 and percussion follows right after that. Brandan is a versatile player from rock, Americana, country, and fusion. Brandan's story isn't your typical Nashville story. Brandan was a rock drummer in Indiana and he was looking through Modern Drummer magazine March 98 and there was a spread article of Billy Thunder Mason but had NO IDEA who Tim McGraw was but he connected with the story of Billy. So he reached out to Rick Malkin that had taken the pictures of Billy for the shoot so he gave Rick his number to pass along to Billy. Ironically, Billy reaches back to Brandan and they agree to meet. They get together for lunch and the rest is history. Brandan and Billy have shared the stage many times over the years and excited about this McGraw project and making music.

Geoff is a master of the ivory keys, guitar, bass, fiddle and much more. Geoff is a professional musician, producer, mixing and mastering engineer. He is the owner and head engineer of Sound Paradigm Studio where music and audiobooks are produced for international sales. Geoff also scores for films and videos. His latest projects include "The Trouble with Rain", "Breathe Audio Bible. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education and teaches, piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, and audio engineers to about 40 students each week when he is not out on the road.

Ryan Ross was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and always had a passion for it and the drive to learn how to play like the pros! He started playing in a gospel band and traveled around to Church and sing. He loved and was raised on country music and listened to anything from Haggard to Tim McGraw himself! He began playing in country bands all over WV area and was called on a lot by the local music scene. He then got a couple traveling gigs with bands out of Nashville and decided to make the move he has always wanted to make. As a child growing up in the 90's and a huge Dancehall Doctor fan, he is very excited to be a part of this great show!

Bre has been a professional musician for over a decade, working as a vocalist, keyboardist and bassist. Co-owner of Sound Paradigm Studios in Nashville, TN, she has produced, co-written and engineered tracks for several artists as well as composed songs for independent films. Some highlights of her life as a musician thus far would be touring along with her husband in England, Belgium, Spain, Latvia and Greece.

The Ultimate McGraw

The Ultimate McGraw - The ONLY Tribute Band endorsed by Tim McGraw


Slippery When Wet – The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute was formed in 2003 by Jason Morey after answering many inquiries of “Are you Jon Bon Jovi?”. Most notably comedian Dave Chappelle invited Jason backstage following one of his comedy shows thinking that he was the New Jersey icon. It was then that Jason knew he had to take advantage of the resemblance.
It’s a good thing that Jason grew up on some of the best classic rock albums such as “Slippery When Wet” and “New Jersey”. Not to mention that he was also playing a few Bon Jovi songs in his widely successful tribute to the halcyon days of metal “The White Leppard Crue”.

Slippery When Wet – The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute has taken exact live arrangements from Bon Jovi’s 2000’s Crush tour , 2002’s Bounce tour , 2005’s Have a Nice Day tour, 2008’s Lost Highway tour and 2010’s The Circle tour to form what Jason refers to as an “Arena- Club Show”. With further explanation Jason thinks that “Slippery When Wet has the power to turn a 800-2000 capacity club into a 20,000 seat arena for 2 1/2 hours”.

Bon Jovi’s career spans 35+ years and over 130 million albums sold worldwide. Another milestone that the band has achieved is that they have tracked 14 Billboard top ten singles of which 8 of those went straight to number 1. In 2018 Bon Jovi was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Slippery When Wet believes that Bon Jovi has the right kind of song catalog that really lends itself to being performed live as well as fitting into a broad age range that makes for the perfect club demographic.

Slippery When Wet has played over 1800 shows throughout the U.S. alone and has traveled to Africa, Mexico, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They have headlined on over 60 cruises on the Royal Caribbean cruise line and played the pre game of Super Bowl 48 in East Rutherford NJ.The bands shows are the most attended and highest grossing of any Bon Jovi Tribute in the country.

Slippery When Wet is the most searched Bon Jovi tribute band on Google as well it has the most views of any Bon Jovi tribute band on Youtube. In 2007 the band was officially authorized by Bon Jovi to perform their highly entertaining show.
In 2018 Jason Morey was chosen to perform as their only impersonator to Jon Bon Jovi in the Legends in Concert show in Las Vegas.
In 2019 Slippery When Wet was handpicked to perform on both Runaway to Paradise Cruises with Jon Bon Jovi

In 2021 Slippery When Wet was a Finalist after competing on Jimmy Fallon’s Clash of the Cover Bands on E!.
Their drive , musical ability , showmanship and dedication to duplicating the Bon Jovi live experience simply cannot be outdone.

Band Members Include:
Jason Morey — Vocals
Adin Stickle — Guitar
Anthony CeCe — Bass
Jay Monseur — Drums

Slippery When Wet Client List:
Walt Disney World, NFL, Google, Royal Caribbean, House of Blues, Coors Light, MedAssets, Princess Cruise Line, Runaway Tours, Atlanta Braves, NYPD, Hard Rock International Resorts, Publix, NBC Universal, Hulu, Rock N Roll Marathon Series, AND NOW PALACE POINTE!

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet – The ONLY Tribute band endorsed by Jon Bon Jovi


In 1996, arena rock superstars Journey put the band back together to record their tenth studio album, Trial by Fire. Shortly after the release of this reunion album lead singer and signature voice, Steve Perry injured himself while training for what was to be a high energy road show. With Steve Perry unable to perform, the Trial by Fire tour became "the tour that never happened". Imagine if Steve Perry had never injured himself on that fateful day. What would the Trial by Fire tour look like?

Flash forward to the present. TRIAL BY FIRE is born out of the hearts of five seasoned North Carolina - based musicians who have decided to answer that question. It is their vision to bring that 1996 tour to Journey fans across the country; to embrace the sound and visuals of the Steve Perry era of Journey.

Prepare to let TRIAL BY FIRE take you back to an earlier day when lighters were held high, and you couldn't help but sing along to such powerful choruses as “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Wheel in the Sky”, “Lights”, "Separate Ways" and "Faithfully"
Ernie Shepherd Lead Vocals

Ernie has been a Journey fan since he was 10 years old. It has always been a dream of his to stand on a stage and sing the classic songs made famous by his favorite singer Steve Perry. Ernie also loves Soul music made famous in the 60's...Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye are big influences. Ernie's favorite part of the show is getting to meet the people that come out to support the band. Ernie is originally from Boston MA, but proudly calls North Carolina home.
Choosing a Favorite Journey Album is hard for Ernie because they each bring him to a time in his life that he holds dear. If you had to press him he would most likely say Raised on Radio for its soulful overtones. His Favorite song to sing live is Faithfully.

Dan Cummins Lead Guitar
Dan Cummins is a veteran of the NC music scene, having played in several acts of varying genres over the years. After growing up on the coast of North Carolina, Dan has been in the triangle area ever since college, where he earned a BA in music from UNC. He is dad to two wonderful children and one very large dog.
Inspired by his musical parents to pick up the guitar and drums as a teenager, Dan shares equal passion for both writing and performing. Dan was a founding member of the Chapel Hill-based hard rock band DELOREAN from 2003-2008, which released 2 independent LP's during that time. He was/is a key member of the Durham-based cover/party band HICKORY SWITCH from 2013-2017, which became AIRTIGHT ALIBI in 2018. An avid songwriter/producer, Dan has released two self-produced solo rock albums "LEVIATHAN" (2012) and "STORM" (2016).
As for what brought him to Trial By Fire, Dan has been a die-hard Journey fan for many years, and counts Neal Schon as one of his key guitar influences. Dan lives for being onstage, saying "Playing great songs with great friends in front of a great crowd is just about an unbeatable experience. Every night is an adventure." His favorite Journey album would be a tie between Escape and Frontiers.

Don McCray Keyboards and Vocals
Don was born and raised in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and started learning piano and keyboards at age seven. He has played in bands for over 40 years (What?!?!), playing everything from classic rock to country to R&B and beach music, and enjoys it all. When Don isn't playing music, he listens to a wide variety of artists such as Blackberry Smoke; Kansas; Asleep at the Wheel; Alan Jackson; The Allman Brothers; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Brad Paisley and many more.
Don is a gear fanatic who is always looking for that next great piece of equipment that will make his rig "perfect." He has almost reached nirvana with his current rig: a Yamaha S70XS and Roland Jupiter-80 and -- when stage space permits -- a Hammond XK-3c organ and Neo Ventilator pedal.
Don loves playing Journey music and working to find just the right sounds to use for each song. His favorite Journey album is probably Raised On Radio, which includes Girl Can't Help It, Be Good to Yourself, and I'll Be Alright Without You. That said, if Don had to pick a favorite Journey song to play it would probably be Still They Ride from the Escape album, because Neal Schon's guitar work on it is so melodic and soulful.

Rich Barefoot Bass Guitar and Vocals
Rich Barefoot has been playing bass since 1981. He has been a member of several well known bands around the Charlotte area, most notable are Crosswind and Superglide.
His musical influences are John Deacon of Queen and Geddy Lee of Rush. His favorite Journey songs to listen to and play are Mother Father and Ask The Lonely. Rich’s favorite Journey Album is Departure.

Kevin Lynch Drums
Kevin was born and raised in Greensboro NC but has called Randleman NC home since 1996. A graduate of UNCG School of Music, class of 1990. Kevin has played in several country/rock bands such as Kry Havok, Buster Knome, Sunset Renegades, and Karolina Rose. Kevin was also the fill-in drummer for Kevin Green at Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach and Christmas on Broadway in NYC.
Kevin's playing style has been described as Rock/ Progressive. by joining Trial by Fire Kevin is excited about the challenge of performing these timeless songs with musicians that have mutual respect for one another.
His musical inspirations are Neil Peart, Simon Phillips, and Tommy Aldridge.
His favorite Journey song is "Escape"

Trial By Fire

The ultimate Journey Tribute Band. Prepare to let TRIAL BY FIRE take you back to an earlier day when lighters were held high, and you couldn't help but sing along to such powerful choruses as “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Wheel in the Sky”, “Lights”, "Separate Ways" and "Faithfully"


The premier tribute to "That Li'l Ol' Band From Texas"... ZZ Top Notch.
ZZ Top Notch grew from the love of the music from that Little Ol’ Band from Texas. The members of the band comprise over 100 yrs of professional experience performing Classic Rock music. Established in 2022, ZZ Top Notch has performed to crowds that are hungry for the ZZ Top style of Texas Blues and Rock. 

The Reverend Willie Gibson (Chuck Sirko - Guitar), Dusty Thrills (John Hubacheck - Bass) and Frank Beardless (Joe Snyder - Drums) are determined to bring the concert goer the ZZ Top experience to life.

Got me under Pressure
Thank you
Waitin’ on the Bus
Jesus Left Chicago
Gimme all your Lovin’
Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers
I’m Bad I’m Nationwide
Pearl Necklace
Just got Paid
Head’s in Mississippi
Cheap Sunglasses
I Gotsa Get Paid
Foxy Lady
Hey Joe
Boom Boom
I Heard it on the X
Sharp Dressed man
Brown Sugar
Tube Snake Boogie
La Grange

ZZ Top Notch

The premier tribute to "That Li'l Ol' Band From Texas"... ZZ Top Notch.


Beatlesque is a four-piece Beatles tribute band based in Raleigh, NC. The band strives to replicate the sound and look of The Beatles to the closest detail while performing music from the entire Beatles catalog. In costume and in character, the fab four members of Beatlesque enjoy the challenge and the thrill of recreating the music that we all know and love.

Beatlesque began when fellow musicians Michael Flaherty and Kevin Largen sought to form an authentic Beatles tribute. The project took a number of years to come to fruition, but finally the right musicians came along to make the dream a reality.
"So let me introduce to you, the one and only....... "Beatlesque."

Zig started becoming interested in guitar in middle school. Always in a chorus or choir from a young age, his dad taught him how to get around on a guitar. From there he started teaching himself all kinds of music from classical, folk, rock, but primarily Beatles tunes. His first CD was the Beatles Past Masters Volume I.
Throughout high school Zig and his friends would perform Beatles tunes in various school functions and shows. Zig played in multiple bands through college and later, always covering at least a handful of Beatles songs. Starting to play with Beatlesque has become a new fun challenge. Not just playing the songs but recreating the songs as closely to the actual Beatles as possible.

Kevin began learning guitar at the age of 12. After being introduced to The Beatles, he was immediately drawn to their music and began teaching himself to play Beatles songs. Although by no means a bookworm, Kevin read every book he could find on The Beatles, and has acquired a wealth of trivia knowledge.
While playing in several variety cover bands through his late teens and early twenties, Kevin always worked Beatles songs into the repertoire. Because Paul McCartney has been a lifelong musical idol for Kevin, there was no hesitation when the opportunity came along to join a Beatles tribute band. Kevin dove head first into the role of Paul and has never looked back.

At age 11, following the experience of that magical February night when The Beatles first appeared in 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show, Michael was determined to become a musician. He began playing guitar in bands at the age of 14 in his hometown of Watertown, NY. In the glorious summer of '69, Michael performed with his band at the NYS Battle of the Bands, highlighting their performance with a Beatles medley which won them second place. On and off through the next 40 years, Mike has been a teacher by day and a musician by night.
In late 2014, Michael and Kevin began working on a musical project that would become Beatlesque. Taking on the role of George Harrison in a tribute to The Beatles is the culmination of a lifelong love of all things Beatle, and Michael has great fun playing the greatest music of our era.

Kevin grew up in the 1970's in Liverpool. No, not that one! Liverpool, NY. As the youngest of 10 kids, the soundtrack to his earliest memories was his older sibling's Beatles records constantly on the turntable.
Kevin was fascinated with the drums early on. He started playing in bands in high school. He moved to North Carolina in 1996 with his band Ape Foot Groove and has since performed with Ashley Atkins, the Fat Bastard Blues Band, Mudbones Blues Review and many others.
Throughout most of his drumming career he has never had a chance to go back to where it started...The Beatles. Now as the drummer for Beatlesque, Kevin cherishes the opportunity to pay tribute to one of his favorite and most influential drummers.


In costume and in character, the fab four members of Beatlesque enjoy the challenge and the thrill of recreating the music that we all know and love.


BAD INCORPORATED (BAD INC.) is the USA's #1 Ultimate Tribute to Bad Company and its legendary frontman, Paul Rodgers. Based in Raleigh, NC, the band has quickly gained the attention and praise of die-hard Bad Company fans. BAD INC is a national touring act, wowing audiences up and down the East Coast with their re-creation of one of the most iconic British supergroups. Classic rock staples like "Rock Steady," "Can't Get Enough," "Ready For Love," "Shooting Star," "Feel Like Makin' Love," "Rock N Roll Fantasy," and of course "Bad Company," as well as Free favorites like "All Right Now," and Paul Rodgers/The Firm songs, including "Radioactive," are all part of the BAD INC. experience.

Led by Neil November on vocals, Neil bears an uncanny resemblance to Paul Rodgers, both in sound and appearance. For decades, Neil has been a successful lead singer with a passion for paying tribute to one of his singing idols, Paul Rodgers. 
With veteran tribute musician Amy Hall on drums, Kevin Segrist on guitar/bgv, Tony Mills on bass/bgv, and LP Hitzigrath on guitar/keys/bgv, the members of BAD INC have won musical awards, including "Best Tribute Band," played to sold-out crowds, have opened for The Connells and Mother's Finest, and have played such prestigious venues as House of Blues, The Fillmore, Cone Denim Entertainment Center, Rams Head, Jannus Live, MadLife Stage & Studios, The Ritz, as well as festivals, weddings, private parties, and casinos from New York to Florida. BAD INC have also shared the stage with other top tribute bands, including Tuesday's Gone, Pandora's Box, Head Games, and Hysteria (Mock of Ages).

BAD INC keeps audiences on their feet and singing along to hit after hit, as the nation’s greatest tribute to the music and legacy of Bad Company and Paul Rodgers.


BAD INCORPORATED (BAD INC.) is the USA's #1 Ultimate Tribute to Bad Company and its legendary frontman, Paul Rodgers.


 “For those of us unable to have seen Cash perform during his life, this is more than a treat. It’s a time machine.”

“…a peerless tribute band to the late, great Johnny Cash.”
— David Menconi, News & Observer

From A Boy Named Sue to Ring of Fire to Rusty Cage, Johnny Folsom 4 is the ultimate tribute to the legendary Man in Black. While nobody really sounds like Johnny Cash, nobody sounds more like Johnny Cash than Johnny Folsom 4.
Lead singer David Burney’s lilting southern baritone delivers Cash’s classic songs so well you may well wonder from time to time if Johnny himself is in the building.

John Fussell fills the shoes of Luther and Carl Perkins on those classic guitar licks, while Randy Benefield (drums) and Steve Eisenstadt (bass) provide that hallmark, train-like rhythm the whole world knows and loves.
No Depression Magazine says “For those of us unable to have seen Cash perform during his life, this is more than a treat. It’s a time machine.” When it comes to honoring Johnny Cash, JF4 walks the line.”

Johnny Folsom 4

While nobody really sounds like Johnny Cash, nobody sounds more like Johnny Cash than Johnny Folsom 4.


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