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8/12/23, 12:30 AM


All concerts start at 8:30pm, doors open at 7:30pm. Cash bar and concessions are available (proper I.D. required for bar)
All ticket sales are final, no refunds. Clear bag policy, no weapons allowed, this is a family friendly venue. Kids ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult, no exceptions. No smoking allowed in venue.

Beatlesque is a four-piece Beatles tribute band based in Raleigh, NC. The band strives to replicate the sound and look of The Beatles to the closest detail while performing music from the entire Beatles catalog. In costume and in character, the fab four members of Beatlesque enjoy the challenge and the thrill of recreating the music that we all know and love.

Beatlesque began when fellow musicians Michael Flaherty and Kevin Largen sought to form an authentic Beatles tribute. The project took a number of years to come to fruition, but finally the right musicians came along to make the dream a reality.
"So let me introduce to you, the one and only....... "Beatlesque."

Zig started becoming interested in guitar in middle school. Always in a chorus or choir from a young age, his dad taught him how to get around on a guitar. From there he started teaching himself all kinds of music from classical, folk, rock, but primarily Beatles tunes. His first CD was the Beatles Past Masters Volume I.
Throughout high school Zig and his friends would perform Beatles tunes in various school functions and shows. Zig played in multiple bands through college and later, always covering at least a handful of Beatles songs. Starting to play with Beatlesque has become a new fun challenge. Not just playing the songs but recreating the songs as closely to the actual Beatles as possible.

Kevin began learning guitar at the age of 12. After being introduced to The Beatles, he was immediately drawn to their music and began teaching himself to play Beatles songs. Although by no means a bookworm, Kevin read every book he could find on The Beatles, and has acquired a wealth of trivia knowledge.
While playing in several variety cover bands through his late teens and early twenties, Kevin always worked Beatles songs into the repertoire. Because Paul McCartney has been a lifelong musical idol for Kevin, there was no hesitation when the opportunity came along to join a Beatles tribute band. Kevin dove head first into the role of Paul and has never looked back.

At age 11, following the experience of that magical February night when The Beatles first appeared in 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show, Michael was determined to become a musician. He began playing guitar in bands at the age of 14 in his hometown of Watertown, NY. In the glorious summer of '69, Michael performed with his band at the NYS Battle of the Bands, highlighting their performance with a Beatles medley which won them second place. On and off through the next 40 years, Mike has been a teacher by day and a musician by night.
In late 2014, Michael and Kevin began working on a musical project that would become Beatlesque. Taking on the role of George Harrison in a tribute to The Beatles is the culmination of a lifelong love of all things Beatle, and Michael has great fun playing the greatest music of our era.

Kevin grew up in the 1970's in Liverpool. No, not that one! Liverpool, NY. As the youngest of 10 kids, the soundtrack to his earliest memories was his older sibling's Beatles records constantly on the turntable.
Kevin was fascinated with the drums early on. He started playing in bands in high school. He moved to North Carolina in 1996 with his band Ape Foot Groove and has since performed with Ashley Atkins, the Fat Bastard Blues Band, Mudbones Blues Review and many others.
Throughout most of his drumming career he has never had a chance to go back to where it started...The Beatles. Now as the drummer for Beatlesque, Kevin cherishes the opportunity to pay tribute to one of his favorite and most influential drummers.

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