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The Ultimate McGraw

6/24/23, 12:30 AM

The Ultimate McGraw

All concerts start at 8:30pm, doors open at 7:30pm. Cash bar and concessions are available (proper I.D. required for bar)
All ticket sales are final, no refunds. Clear bag policy, no weapons allowed, this is a family friendly venue. Kids ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult, no exceptions. No smoking allowed in venue.

A TRIBUTE SHOW LIKE NO OTHER! Billy Thunder Mason with his new all-star band featuring Twin McGraw will take you back to that McGraw music from 1994-2011 The DanceHall Doctor years. This is the music that was made on stage by The Dancehall Doctors that made McGraw's sound, not only did they tour but also recorded. Yes, what you hear on the radio is Billy "THUNDER" Mason himself on the drums. Twin takes you "Back When", not only has Twin been on stage with McGraw, but Twin holds his own and delivers EVERY SHOW! If you love Tim McGraw's music, this is the tribute show you need to see!

Jeff has been entertaining professionally as Twin McGraw
a Tim McGraw Tribute Artist since 2006. Twin has entertained at venues all across the country and throughout the years has received multiple awards for his incredible tribute to Tim McGraw. Twin puts on a must-see show singing a variety of Tim's number one hits as well as many others. While watching a Twin McGraw performance or experiencing a meet and greet, you'll feel as if you've seen the real thing. Tim McGraw himself was even amazed at the resemblance when he met Twin backstage after a concert in Lake Tahoe, NV. Tim recently invited Twin to sing on stage with him during his concert in Tampa, FL. after noticing Twin in the crowd. From live concerts, private/ corporate events to meet & greets. Now sharing the stage with Billy THUNDER Mason, Twin understands THE ROAR OF THE THUNDER adding to the fun and exciting show. Twin will leave you wondering, is that TWIN OR IS THAT REALLY TIM? You will just have to see the show and judge for yourself!

Billy "THUNDER" Mason spent 18 years on the road with TIM MCGRAW and has played on over 25 million selling albums from The DANCEHALL DOCTOR album to EMOTIONAL TRAFFIC album which included over 10 number 1 singles including "LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING" which won 3 Grammy Awards. Billy has played all over the world including Rome with Tim and Faith for the LIVE 8 BENEFIT with over 300,000 people to the NASHVILLE RISING (Nashville Flood) that played for 17 difference artists including Tim, Toby Keith, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more. Together they helped raise over 10 million dollars for the flood victims of Nashville area in 2010. He has shared the stage with greats such as Kenny Rogers, Tony Bennett (Sold out show in Madison Square Garden), Elton John just to name a few. Not only was Billy with Tim from 1994-2011, but he is the only drummer of Tim's that will ever be A DANCEHALL DOCTOR.

Brandan has been playing drums since the age of 12 and percussion follows right after that. Brandan is a versatile player from rock, Americana, country, and fusion. Brandan's story isn't your typical Nashville story. Brandan was a rock drummer in Indiana and he was looking through Modern Drummer magazine March 98 and there was a spread article of Billy Thunder Mason but had NO IDEA who Tim McGraw was but he connected with the story of Billy. So he reached out to Rick Malkin that had taken the pictures of Billy for the shoot so he gave Rick his number to pass along to Billy. Ironically, Billy reaches back to Brandan and they agree to meet. They get together for lunch and the rest is history. Brandan and Billy have shared the stage many times over the years and excited about this McGraw project and making music.

Geoff is a master of the ivory keys, guitar, bass, fiddle and much more. Geoff is a professional musician, producer, mixing and mastering engineer. He is the owner and head engineer of Sound Paradigm Studio where music and audiobooks are produced for international sales. Geoff also scores for films and videos. His latest projects include "The Trouble with Rain", "Breathe Audio Bible. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education and teaches, piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, and audio engineers to about 40 students each week when he is not out on the road.

Ryan Ross was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and always had a passion for it and the drive to learn how to play like the pros! He started playing in a gospel band and traveled around to Church and sing. He loved and was raised on country music and listened to anything from Haggard to Tim McGraw himself! He began playing in country bands all over WV area and was called on a lot by the local music scene. He then got a couple traveling gigs with bands out of Nashville and decided to make the move he has always wanted to make. As a child growing up in the 90's and a huge Dancehall Doctor fan, he is very excited to be a part of this great show!

Bre has been a professional musician for over a decade, working as a vocalist, keyboardist and bassist. Co-owner of Sound Paradigm Studios in Nashville, TN, she has produced, co-written and engineered tracks for several artists as well as composed songs for independent films. Some highlights of her life as a musician thus far would be touring along with her husband in England, Belgium, Spain, Latvia and Greece.

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